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Both the UK and Scottish Governments have introduced changes to the way tax is levied on house purchase transactions.

Doing away with the tiered system where buyers paid a flat rate of tax depending on which bracket the purchase fell into, there is now a ‘progressive’ scale which applies to all purchases.

All house buyers will pay 0% tax on the first portion of the house price – up to £145k in Scotland and £125k in the rest of the UK.

A levy of 2% is then made on the next portion up to £250,000 and a 5% rate applying to the next portion.

The rates increase up 12% on the most expensive properties as per the following table:-


Tax rate Scotland
Tax rate
£0 – £125k 0% £0 – £145k 0%
£125 – £250k 2% £145k – £250k 2%
£250K- £925k 5% £250k – £325k 5%
£925 – £1.5m 10% £325k – 750k 10%
£1.5m + 12% £750 + 12%


Calculate your tax

Both HMRC and Revenue Scotland have produced online tax calculators to allow you to see how the changes may affect you. Click the links below.


Revenue Scotland


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